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[KATALIST] Két Code4Lib felhivás

Tisztelt Lista!

Két Code4Lib Journal (http://journal.code4lib.org) felhivást továbbitok.

1) A folyóirat 37., júliusban megjelenő számában publikálandó cikkekre
április 14.-ig várjuk a cikkjavaslatokat.

2) A folyóirat szerkesztőt is keres, ennek jelentkezési határideje
április 7. A szerkesztés (ahogy a folyóirattal kapcsolatos minden
egyéb tevékenység) önkéntes, anyagilag dijazatlan tevékenység.
Átlagban heti néhány óra elfoglaltsággal jár. A haszna elsősorban az,
hogy a szerkesztőnek lehetősége van alaposan elmélyedni a kurrens
közgyűjteményi, digitális bölcsészeti technológiai trendekben, az
alkalmazásukkal járó nehézségekben és gyönyörűségekben, társadalmi
hatásaikkal, továbbá személyes kapcsolatot alakithat ki a kiváló
szerzői gárdával. A szerkesztő feladatait lásd a mellékelt

// Cikk-felhivás

Code4Lib Issue 37 Call for Papers (and apologies for cross-posting):

The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) exists to foster community and share
information among those interested in the intersection of libraries,
technology, and the future.

We are now accepting proposals for publication in our 37th issue.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your ideas and
experiences. To be included in the 37th issue, which is scheduled for
publication in mid July 2017, please submit articles, abstracts, or
proposals at http://journal.code4lib.org/submit-proposal or to
journal@code4lib.org by Friday, April 14, 2017. When submitting,
please include the title or subject of the proposal in the subject
line of the email message and the acceptance of the Journal's US CC-By
3.0 license in the body of the message. The editorial committee will
review all proposals and notify those accepted by Friday, April 21,
2017. Please note that submissions are subject to rejection or
postponement at any point in the publication process as determined by
the Code4Lib Journal's editorial committee.

C4LJ encourages creativity and flexibility, and the editors welcome
submissions across a broad variety of topics that support the mission
of the journal. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

* Practical applications of library technology (both actual and hypothetical)
* Technology projects (failed, successful, or proposed), including how
they were done and challenges faced
* Case studies
* Best practices
* Reviews
* Comparisons of third party software or libraries
* Analyses of library metadata for use with technology
* Project management and communication within the library environment
* Assessment and user studies

C4LJ strives to promote professional communication by minimizing the
barriers to publication. While articles should be of a high quality,
they need not follow any formal structure. Writers should aim for the
middle ground between blog posts and articles in traditional refereed
journals. Where appropriate, we encourage authors to submit code
samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code. For more information, visit
C4LJ's Article Guidelines or browse articles from the earlier issues
published on our website: http://journal.code4lib.org.

Send in a submission. Your peers would like to hear what you are doing.

-Sara Amato, Coordinating Editor for Issue 37
-Code4Lib Journal Editorial Committee

// Szerkesztői felhivás

The Code4Lib Journal (http://journal.code4lib.org/) is looking for
volunteers to join its editorial committee. Editorial committee
members work collaboratively to produce the quarterly Code4Lib
Journal. Editors are expected to:

* Read, discuss, and vote on incoming proposals.
* Volunteer to be the assigned editor or second reader for specific proposals.
** Assigned editors work with the author(s) to make sure the
article is as strong as possible, that the copy is clean, and
deadlines are met. They also enter the article into WordPress, making
sure the formatting is okay, all images and tables look good, etc.
** Second readers act as a second set of eyes for the assigned editor.
* Read and comment on any other article that interests you.
* Volunteer for administrative tasks and projects as they crop up.
* Take a turn as Coordinating Editor for an Issue. The Coordinating
Editor shepherds the issue through its life cycle.

We seek an individual who is self-motivated, organized and able to
meet deadlines; is familiar with ideas and trends in the field; and
has an interest in the mechanics of writing. There is a sometimes
significant time commitment involved; expect to set aside ten or more
hours a month.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun (if editing
is your idea of fun).

Intrigued? Please send a letter of interest by Friday, April 7, 2017
to journal_at_code4lib.org. Your letter should address these two basic

1) What is your vision for the Code4Lib Journal? Why are you interested in it?

2) How can you contribute to the Code4Lib Journal, i.e. what do you
have to offer?

We encourage people who have previously applied and who are still
interested to re-apply. We have had to turn down a lot of
highly-qualified people in the past due to the large number of

If you have any questions, contact us by email at journal@code4lib.org
or ask any member of the editorial committee (listed at
http://journal.code4lib.org/editorial-committee). We plan to make
decisions about additional editors by late April.

A legjobbakat!
Király Péter

Péter Király
software developer
GWDG, Göttingen - Europeana - eXtensible Catalog - The Code4Lib Journal

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