2018. július 3., kedd

[KATALIST] IFLA campaign #LibrarianFashion

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Dear colleagues,

The NPSIG invites colleagues from around the world to join its campaign called #LibrarianFashion!


How to participate ?

It's simple, just share your photos showing off your fashion stylings at work on social networks (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and include the hashtag #LibrarianFashion. These images, the NPSIG is organizing a session at the next IFLA congress on the theme: "Librarian Fashion: What does the way we dress say about us? "


This session will include presentations and discussion where we reflect on the way we express ourselves, and the professional image that this presents to our library users, to our communities and, to a lesser extent, to our colleagues.


So, act now! Take your photos and share them with a comment and remember to use the hashtag #LibrarianFashion!

The campaign starts now and this until August 15, 2018.

Thank you for your participation!


Kind regards,

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