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[KATALIST] Fwd: [iln-coordinators] Fw: [IFLA-L] Serbian Librarians on the Road: IFLA 2017

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From: Bogdan Trifunovic <btrifunovic@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 6:20 AM
To: ifla-l@infoserv.inist.fr
Subject: [IFLA-L] Serbian Librarians on the Road: IFLA 2017
Dear colleagues,

The Serbian Library Association (SLA) would like to announce the start of our action and initiative 1000 Kilometers = 1000 Ideas, which should bring a bus full of librarians, members of SLA, from Serbia to IFLA WLIC in Wroclaw in August 2017.

Librarians on the Road initiative has emerged from our talks (formal and informal) in 2016, knowing the place of this year's IFLA WLIC, which is relatively close to the region of Southeast Europe. Our slogan "1000 Kilometers = 1000 Ideas" has a twofold meaning: that is roughly a road distance from Belgrade to Wroclaw, which we will travel by bus for a professional group visits to Polish libraries between Wroclaw and Katowice, and to IFLA Congress of course; at the same time this is an opportunity of exchanging knowledge, ideas, practices between Polish, international, and Serbian librarians, thus "1000 Ideas" that could emerge during this trip.

The SLA is aware that other associations and individuals in the past conducted similar actions, so we would like to ask for:
- spreading the news about our initiative;
- sending any information that might help us in organizing the whole thing;
- hints and tips that might be useful during the travel;
- suggestions on affordable accommodation in Wroclaw for a group of 20+.

We would also appreciate any suggestion or help from the international community, particularly from the colleagues in the countries that we will cross: in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

Please see above our poster for the event, which hopefully will decorate one bus to Wroclaw in August!

With regards,

Bogdan Trifunović, PhD
President, Serbian Library Association

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